Caught In The Spotlight

The Last Waltz – The Band’s Decadent And Heartbreaking Farewell Concert It was Thanksgiving 1976. Five thousand people reunited at the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco were served a traditional dinner with turkey and pumpkin pie. Meanwhile, the five musicians of The Band waited backstage with Bill Graham, the producer and promoter of the show … Continue reading Caught In The Spotlight

Time To Be Movin On

Rick Danko’s Self-Titled Album – An Unsung Gem If you ever watched The Last Waltz — and since you are reading this blog post about Rick Danko, I suppose you had — you are familiar with the song Sip The Wine. In a segment of the movie, Rick plays this heartbreaking song for Martin Scorsese. … Continue reading Time To Be Movin On

One Voice For All

The Influence Of Music From Big Pink, The Band’s First Album For those familiar with the album Music From Big Pink, the title brings to mind quaint images of the house where the legendary basement tapes with Bob Dylan took place. Even though The Band didn’t actually record Music From Big Pink in Big Pink, … Continue reading One Voice For All

Another Tale To Tell

Rick Danko and Bob Dylan — 1965-1967 This Wheel’s On Fire — The 1965 Tour Bob Dylan and Rick Danko met in 1965, when they were both at a crossroads in their lives. In March, Bob had released Bringing It All Back Home, an album ingeniously blending electric songs with folk ones. Four months later, … Continue reading Another Tale To Tell

You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere

Bob Dylan, The Band, The Basement Tapes and the story behind the myth July 29, 1966, was a beautiful day in the Catskills, one that would have stayed unnoticed in history if destiny wouldn’t have intervened most unexpectedly. What happened in Woodstock along or near Striebel Road,  — even that fact isn’t clear — sealed … Continue reading You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere

Something To Feel

For Richard Manuel, the months spent in Woodstock with his bandmates, playing music in the basement with Bob Dylan, were rich in creativity. We all have had a chapter of our lives that we would have wished to capture into a box to keep it forever. Did Richard Manuel feel that way in 1967 when … Continue reading Something To Feel

Farewell To My Other Side

Thoughts on Rick Danko He was the king of harmonies in The Band, but not because he studied harmony or read music; it just came perfectly naturally to him. It was because of Rick that our vocals became known for their harmonies.  Robbie Robertson, Testimony The idea of a blog post on Rick Danko tumbled … Continue reading Farewell To My Other Side


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